‘From the Village to the World’ – Jeremiah’s Newly Published Book!

Jeremiah’s newly published book is a powerful message of hope based on his testimony.


We are pleased to introduce Jeremiah’s new book:

From the Village to the World: Reflections on Setbacks that Turned into Breakthroughs. (Available at Amazon in Kindle format and Paperback (Please see link above).

Jeremiah, a UK-based Kenyan Economist and Pastor, was born and raised in a small village called Kamanzi in Kenya. His childhood was spent in the midst of tremendous challenges including poverty and deprivation. Their family struggled to afford food and school fees. That notwithstanding, Jeremiah received education through providential circumstances. By sharing reflections from his own life story, Jeremiah offers the reader an example of how setbacks in real life turned into breakthroughs.
In addition to Jeremiah’s life story, you will read reflections from four other similarly inspiring stories. This message will encourage and inspire you to convert life’s inherent setbacks to your advantage.
Important Lesson: Our humiliating defeats and setbacks in life can be converted into spectacular breakthroughs.


“This book is quite inspirational. I would encourage everyone to read it. It will give you renewed energy to walk through the rough patches of life’s journey.”
Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo
Vice Chancellor
Great Lakes University of Kisumu.

“I find From the Village to the World very insightful and helpful.”
Dr. John Dilworth
Africa International University

We hope this message inspires you to convert life’s inherent setbacks to breakthroughs.

God bless you richly.



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